About Radical Christ

Radical Christ emerged as a site many years back that sought to expose the radical nature of Christ and question the very mundane state of the church.  Some interesting discussions came to the surface as postmodern apostles sought to establish some theological validity on the pages of the site.  Then the emerging church phenomenon hit and thousands of sites and blogs like RC sprouted on the web.  As my time for RC diminished so did the site.  Now I am emerging from seminary and wondering what’s next.  Still championing Christ as the great non-conformist and the most radical individual who walked this earth.  Christ who is my Prophet, Priest and King.  Christ who is my God–radical in every way.  Controversial for certain.  And it is my honor to express my servitude to Christ alone.  That said, my hope is that you the reader might find something that challenges you, changes you, angers you, sparks some debate.  I pray this can be an exploration we make together in the name of our radical Christ.


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