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MARK 3:7 – 12

7 Jan

Then Jesus with his disciples withdrew to the seashores.

This was the sabbath. He had just been to the temple where he healed a man.

A great multitude followed him. [They came] from Galilee and from Judaea and from Jerusalem and from Idumaea and from beyond the Jordan and the region of Tyre and Sidon. A great multitude came to him when they heard what he was doing.

News of Jesus ministry (teaching, healing, casting out unclean spirits) had spread throughout the region and people left their homes and sought him out in droves.

He told his disciples they should secure a boat for him, because of the crowd, so that they should not crush him.

Movies about Jesus always show small groups (20 or maybe 100 max) of people gathered around Jesus. A small group could not crush a man. We need to re-envision this more like the mobs of fans waiting for the Beatles or the sea of bodies at Woodstock. There were so many people that were they to be incited Jesus would most certainly be crushed.

He healed many, so that they thrust upon him, to have those who were in torment touch him.

We here this in the case of the bleeding woman as well, that her only desire is to touch his robe so that she might be healed. Superstition, rumors, and quickly traveling news attracted many to him. Jesus needed to break free from the crowds.

The unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him and cried out saying, “You are the son of God.” And he charged them many times not to divulge what he was doing.

Even unclean spirits would break from their possessed to address Jesus. And unlike men, who failed to recognize Christ for who he was. These demons recognized Christ and knew (or at least suspected) the reason that he had come. Christ commands them to be silent. His control extends over their realm as well as the humanly realm.