Looking at Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-10

29 Nov

You were dead men: dwelling in sin and selfishness; living for the cares of this world alone; giving into the desires planted in your heart by the spirit of this earth. It was his presence, not God’s, that you felt coursing through you; the lord of the air whose mark is upon the sons of disobedience. But not just you, we too had once abandoned ourselves to the desires of the flesh. We too were natural children of wrath. But God, who is rich in mercy, through his great love brought us out of the realm of the dying; and raised us up to the realm of life in Christ. You have been saved by grace. You have been revived in Christ, so that you may show others the surpassing abundance of grace and kindness that God has given you. For the faith we share does not come from within, but is a gift from God. Our joy comes from nothing we have done, lest we get prideful, but it comes from Him. We are His handiwork, made in His image; called to model Christ and follow his teachings and pursue good works. [Reference: ESV, Lattimore]

We tend to dwell in the life. But we must acknowledge our death. For sin is the constant tug at the heart strings towards self involvement and fractured focus towards the desires of this world. So often we fail to see our disobedience. We stash our sin away, but our hearts and eyes give us away. The lord of the air is very aware of our actions, our dark thoughts, our callous words and behaviors. He feeds off of them. He rewards us for our disobedience. But we who proclaim Christ as savior must not get lost in the sinful sea. Our joy is in Christ who cleanses us of our sin. Our faith is in God, in Truth. In His handiwork we see how majestic are his ways. We must learn to recognize the child of God in the mirror and pursue the mind of Christ, by the Spirit, in order to be set free from our sin.

Lord, the tangle of my sin and my selfishness distract from my devotion to you. I get tangled up in the weeds and fail to bear the fruit you desire. I recognize the sons of disobedience because I was one of them. And I fall too easily back into their behaviors. I feel the lord of the air breathing down my neck and I run back towards my savior. Revive me oh Christ. Let my faith be the filter which keeps me from harm. Let my joy, my hope be in you. Help me to pursue your word, your way, your truth. Amen.


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