An Expansion of the Previous Post

5 Jan

Who determines our salvation?
It’s not us. No pastor, priest, elder, deacon, bishop or minister can promise this to any man, nor take it away.

Who is the final judge and determiner of our true character?
It’s not us. No one, no matter what their ministerial rank, can place salvific judgment upon a believer or unbeliever.

Is our salvation dependent upon denomination, political views, style of worship, which translation of the Bible we use, which gifts we have demonstrated, etc?
No. While I have great respect for the many traditions and varying worship styles of my brothers in Christ; no one way of worship is held higher than any other in the eyes of God.

I write this because I see, too often, Christians lambasting Christians.

I’ve heard Christians make grand claims that “our way” [insert denomination or church here] is the only right way to worship, to interpret scripture, to live a Christ-centered life.

There are websites a plenty created by Christians in order to condemn and even damn other Christians who: belong to a different denomination, read a different version of the Bible, interpret scripture differently, hold to different religious traditions, ascribe to behaviors that some consider un-Christian.

Is this how Christians treat others who profess faith in Christ?

I can imagine the cheers in Hell as Satan and his demons gather to watch Christians attacking other Christians.

We have taken the focus off our mortal enemy – and placed it on our own selfish motives for how we desire Christianity to be.

Who is the head of the church?
Christ alone.

Who determines our salvation?
Christ alone.

Who is the final judge and determiner of our true character?
Christ alone.


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