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Living Out the “Seek and Save” Model of Luke 19:10

15 Oct

The son of man came to seek out and save the lost. (Luke 19:10)

This comes from the passage in Luke which talks about Zacchaeus and Christ’s calling him out of the crowd and saying, “Come down, let’s have dinner together and talk.”

I started thinking about the command to: seek out the lost; and save them. Seeking means going out of our way to search for folks who do not believe in Christ, probably not in God, who are not church-goers and wouldn’t call themselves Christians. And yet these folks are looking for answers. They are asking the right questions.

But those who are truly lost are not likely to show up at a “seeker service.” In fact, based on this passage, I think churches who have adopted a “seeker” model have gotten it wrong. The “seeker” is NOT the person who needs Christ. The “seeker” WAS Christ. And this is our charge as well–to seek out those who are hurting and crying out for a savior. And to save them out of their lost condition.

And we do this not by pointing out their condition. They know this. They are crying out for a reason. We need to show them a way out. Call upon that which is good in their lives. That which reflects Christ in their character already. That which is the image of God already reflected through them but needing some polish and cleaning and directing.

My charge to you is to open your ears to the cries, to open your eyes to the conditions of the lost. If you’re not hearing and seeing this first hand you may need to do some seeking. Seeking out those who are looking. Those who are willing to invite you in for dinner and a conversation. And I pray that you might engage in a dialogue that will ultimately bring one of the lost to a saving faith and belief in Christ.